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   In pharmaceutical production procedures, many must be executed in clean, sterile conditions. In order to meet these conditions, Himile makes sterile grade heat exchange devices.

   Himile manufactures types of Φ 6 x 1 mm, Φ 8 x 1 mm, Φ 12 x 1 mm double tube plate, single tube plate, single process, mutiple process, annular flow type and sterile spiral wound tube heat exchanger. At the same time can provide personalized products according to customer's special demand.

   Flow Sterile grade heat exchanger features a double tubed plate design, it successfully prevents cross contaminations. Tube Sheets and Tube plates are made with German hydraulic expanding joint technology, the double groove seal completely prevents leakage, the material used is 316 L stainless steel and the roughness Ra of the inner tube’s surface is less than 0.5 μm, with the full drain design and no dead corners, it is completely in conformity with the GMP and FDA’s regulations, and can meet the strict demands of cleanliness for process conditions of blood plasma, vaccines, injections and WFI etc.

Spiral Wound Double Tube-Sheet Heat Exchanger
The type of the shell side annular flow sterile grade heat exchanger has the inlet and outlet of uniform fluid distribution, and the fluid resistance is small, and it can make the system pressure loss reduced greatly, reduce the dynamic load, saving the operational cost.

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